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Yacht name: Dubawi Formerly: Renaissance I -> The Mercury -> ?Leisure World Length: 297 ft • 91 m Gross Tonnage (Volume): 4200 GT Year: 1989 • Conversion: 2009 Builder: Cantiere Navale Ferrari Conversion Architect & Design: Platinum Yachts Crew accommodation: 71 including captain Passenger accommodation: 2 Owner suites, 8 VIP suites, 12 guest cabins Photos courtesy of Platinum Yachts. Dubawi, was converted by Platinum Yachts, from a mini cruise ship, originally named Renaissance I. Work started in 2007 and she was relaunched earlier this year as a luxury yacht. Now registered in the UAE.

Hebridean Spirit

Cruise Ship name: Hebridean Spirit -> Sunrise Length: 297 ft • 90 m Gross Tonnage (Volume): 4200 GT Year: 1991 • Refit: 2001 Builder: Cabins: 49 Passengers: 80 Crew: 70 Former Cruise Operator: Hebridean Island Cruises Photos: monacoeye •?Monaco • 2008 This mini cruise ship has recently been sold by Ocean Independence. Hebridean, the former operator, announced March 2009 that it was pulling out of the international cruise market, due to financial conditions

Easy Cruise One

Cruise Ship name: Easy Cruise One Formerly: Renaissance II -> Neptune II Length: 289 ft • 88 m Gross Tonnage (Volume): 4077 GT Year: 1990 • Refit: 2005 Builder: Crew: 55 Capacity: 232 Photos: monacoeye •?Monaco • 2005 After Monaco Easy Cruise One moved down to Greece until 2008, where her hull was painted black. According to Wikipedia, she has been retired and is currently up for sale.

MSC Melody

Cruise ship name: MSC Melody Formerly: Atlantic • Atlantic Starship Length: 672 ft • 205 m Year: 1982 • Refurbished: 2001 Builder: CNIM (France) Operator: MSC Cruises Gross Tonnage: 35,143 GT Speed: 18-21 knots Passengers: 1000-1550 Crew: 500 Photos: monacoeye • Monaco • 2006-2008 The cruise ship MSC Melody, run by Italian operator MSC, successfully fought off a pirate attack in the Indian Ocean on Saturday night, 25th April 2009. According to an AP report, onboard Israeli private security forces thwarted the pirates by returning fire after the ship was attacked with automatic weapons as pirates try to board. The attack took place about 200 miles north of the Seychelles, as Melody was returning to Genoa from a cruise in South Africa. About 1000 passengers were on board, no-one was hurt although the liner was slightly damaged.

Mayan Queen

Yacht name: Mayan Queen Formerly known as Project Safari Length: 305 ft • 93 m Year: 2008 Builder: Blohm & Voss • # 969 Design: Tim Heywood Gross Tonnage: 4200 GT Photos: Victoria Carlisle & Robert Theobald • Dartmouth, UK • December 2008 Photos: Klaus Gaeth • Hamburg • 17 June 2008 December 2008: Mayan Queen elicited great interest in the local press when she visited Stavanger, Norway last week. This week she’s been turning heads in Lyme Bay and Dartmouth in Devon. Thanks to Vickii & Robert for sending in photos . June 2008: Klaus has just sent a superb set of new photos of Mayan Queen in Hamburg … March 2008: This yacht is due to be delivered in the next couple of months


Cruise ship: Nautica Operator: Oceania Length: 594 ft • 181 m Gross Tonnage: 30,277 GT Year: 1998 Builder: Chantiers de l’Atlantique Capacity: 684 passengers Crew: 386 Photo: monacoeye •?Monaco • 2007 Nautica, a frequent visitor to Monaco, is the latest cruise ship to be targeted by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Nautica used a combination of speed and a pain-inducing long range acoustic device (LRAD) to foil the pirates, who approached in two skiffs and fired shots